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Mano a Mano Peru is a non-profit Franco-Peruvian organization set up in 1994. The adventure started with the opening of a tiny medical dispensary (a botiquin) in the district of La Merced, in La Ensenada, one of the most recent shanty-town of the North of Lima. Little by little, the project has grown to be linked to other activities in La Merced. Interested by its success, the municipality asked Mano a Mano to replicate the project to another district of La Ensenada called Los Jasmines, to do the same.

This new project led to the construction and management of a library and a game library, the creation of gardens and safe public areas, but also to the organization of prevention, education and care activities, and actions for sustainable development.

The association aims to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants from Los Jasmines, making them both actors and recipients of the project. Thus, among the 19 people working full-time for Mano a Mano, 15 were trained and live in La Ensenada. The team there includes a dozen of women builders, a social worker, a psychologist, a teacher, few health promoters, young animators and volunteers from France and Germany.

In addition of its activities in La Ensenada, Mano a Mano opened a restaurant and a lodge in Comas (neighborhood of Lima) in 2010 to train new cooks, pastry-makers and other women from La Ensenada, but also to welcome tourists and volunteers every day.

News and Activities


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24/11/2016 : Inauguration of the new parks in the presence of the ambassador of France, inhabitants of Los Jasmines and all the team Mano a Mano 

16/10/2015: Reception of 36 choir members from Mortagne-au-Perche.

18/07/2015: Visit of Vincent Segouin, mayor of Bellême.

01/05/2015: Celebration of the 4th Gastronomic Festival of Los Jazmines!

20/04/2015: Inauguration of a 483m² and a 16m² park in Los Jazmines.

02/2015: Skateboarding-making workshop with the children of Los Jazmines!

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Discover the agenda of Christmas markets

11/10/2015: Arrival of two participants of the French "services civiques" in Bellême!

July/Aug 2015: Selling around Peruvian crafts.

22/08/2015: Weekend reunion for Mano a Mano volunteers in Bellême.

06/06/2015: Football Championship in Meissei for the benefit of Mano a Mano.

06/2015: Introducing Mano a Mano to the primary school of Morelles les Brouts.

11/2014: Theatrical representation of "Alors, ça mord ?" for the benefit of Mano a Mano.

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- In September 2016 Mano a Mano will participate in the next Festival of Associations in Ris Orangis.

- Mano a Mano has been providing polo shirts and towels to the Gymnastics Club of Los Orangis.

- A General Assembly of Mano a Mano Essonne took place on June 28, 2014.

- The association is also present at the Christmas market every year in Ris Orangis!

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Email: manoamanoperou@gmail.com / Address: Calle 14 Mz H Lt 28, Urb. Alameda del Pinar, Comas, Lima 07 - Perú / Tel : 00511 7176699